One Page Websites

Client Considerations

Every business needs a website to reach its’ potential in full. However, that doesn’t mean that your business is ready. Single product businesses sometimes have not generated enough content to be presented effectively with a website. In this case, properly managed social media accounts can be a more effective approach. At least for the moment. When the right amount of content has been developed, transitioning to a one-page website would then be the proper decision. If you’re unsure if you have enough content, visit our website checklist to make your determination.

The Agency was a major contributor in the look & feel of the AUIS website.
The Agency was a major contributor in the look & feel of the AUIS website.


A domain name can be compared to your physical home address. When you purchase a domain, you’re buying a location on the internet. Domains usually cost somewhere between $9 – $15 per year. Depending on who your name provider is.

Web Hosting

If a domain can be considered an address, the hosting account is the property itself. As with buying a domain name, hosting from one of these companies is around $67-$100 per year. Depending on the hosting provider you choose. Furtive has some domain and hosting options, handled through one of our management agents. For clients that are less tech savvy, Furtive has the ability to be a single source for promotional and web development needs. We will acquire the domain and maintain your hosting information on one of our servers.

Design Phases

Content review is the first step in the design process. The content your business generates is your websites life blood and can determine what kind of success you will have. In this analogy, the design phase would equate to a house on the property and all of its’ furnishings. For our web development clients, we review the submitted information and determine if there’s enough to build with and offer suggestions. The labor costs for a single page website are $150 and is much cheaper than Furtive competition.