Community Assistance Initiatives

Not all of the services at the Agency cost money. Sometimes, someone who has come from a background of narrow educational opportunities won’t have the social confidence to succeed. Other times, it’s the predatory nature of capitalism and the ever- present undertone of racial & cultural segregation; squeezing the life blood from communities. Other times, a young woman simply wants to buy a car and for whatever circumstances, there’s no trusted man available to go with her. The Agency wants to be a part of the solution to these kinds of issues.

The Agency has recognised that women have a constant target on their backs. Some of it is intentional, some of it isn’t. And social media doesn’t help. The constant show & tell, popularity contest it is, serves as a constant reminder of the ways our society has begun to break down. However, the Agency was founded by a solutionist. We base our entire business model on being able to find or develop a solution to any number of issues.

Future Initiatives

In the future, we plan to expand these assistance services to include a wide variety of things. Including elderly assistance. On hand support for non-emergency situations. Especially for those who are working through co-dependency issues. These services in particular are not to generate any profit for the agency. Instead, our aim is to be a true aid to those who need it. We compare this to the “acts of malevolence”, that is part of the Eastern Stars creed.

Assistance in Male Dominated Arena

We consider a male dominated arena to be a product or service that traditionally sold by a man, and in which taking advantage of the gender roles and social traditions provide them with an unbalanced amount of influence.

The Agency has begun a free to use service, aimed at helping women in specific situations avoid falling victim to predatory tactics. Situations such as buying a car, or having a current car fixed, evaluated or maintained. The Agency helps by assigning an agent who’s in your area and is a subject matter expert of a specific issue. That expertise is what allows the Agency to prevent these women from being taken advantage of.


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