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Agency Business

Supporting the small business. Backing the mom-and-pop store. Those are the people and businesses the Furtive Agency can get behind. We believe in the underdog the same way we believe in ourselves. That just means we go to bat for the small businesses and talent that we do business with. The Agency goes the extra mile for each and every client we have and the results we see matter. They matter to the Agency and they matter to the people those successes impact.

Ultimately, we’re about bringing the businesses and services of our clients up to date. Or, provide improvement wherever the business needs it. Consult on issues that are inevitable but are sometimes unforeseeable. The experience the Agency has collected is partially the reason it came into being in the first place. We want to provide this experience to our clients in order to help refine their businesses. Improvement through collaboration, guided by experience.

Acquiring Agency Services

The easiest way to reach out to the agency is via email. Click General Questions to send the Agency an email.

Any questions about the Agency itself or a service of ours can be answered in that manner. If your email is received after 9 p.m.; someone will respond on the following business day. But in most cases, we will answer on the same day. The pricing below is what we consider a basic starting point for most of the services that we provide and can change based on the specifics of each project. We will work with you to meet your needs as much as possible.

Print/Digital Media

  • CD Inserts – $50
  • Flyers/Posters – $50
  • Brochure Design – $100
  • Promotional Banners – $75
  • Assorted Promotional Material – starting at $60
  • Branding Materials – starting at $60
  • Vector artwork – starting at $60
  • Large format media (billboards, marquis, etc.) – starting at $100

Brand Development

  • Trademark/Logo Design – $100
  • Document Development – starting at $75
  • Document Preparation – starting at $75
  • Copyright Assistance – $100
  • Market Research –  starting at $100

Online Services & Products

  • Full Feature Websites – starting at $300
  • CMS-Based Websites – starting at $250
  • One Page Promotional sites – starting at $250
  • Digital Additions – starting at $150
  • Presskit Development – $150
  • Profile website – starting at $150


This list indicates some of the more common services the Agency offers. The full scope of what’s possible is only limited to the nature of your project and the required timelines. If you’re ready to begin your next project with the Agency, reach out to us via our Contact page.


The Agency was a major contributor in the look & feel of the AUIS website.
The Agency was a major contributor in the look & feel of the AUIS website.
Promo cover for the Alabama Music Awards
Promotional Material for Hammond book release.
Album Artwork for RuthlessVandross