Spades Tournament

The Agency is developing our first public event. In conjunction with other businesses in our community & businesses within the Agency Network, we hope to kick start & head many more events. Especially geared towards events that people of all ages in the culture will enjoy. 

More information will be available soon. If you have any questions, please click the following button. 

Welcome to the Agency

The Furtive Agency is focused on creating and developing opportunities for our clients and the talented people we represent. We do this with the creative minds of our Agents and thinking outside the box. The Agency has operated by several names in the past and in 2020, we stepped away from the stagnant entertainment industry. Continuing our mission to represent the talent that has traditionally been overlooked by the mainstream. Furtive is an agency for the changing times.

The Agency doesn’t believe in “traditional” standards of beauty. We believe in people. We believe in making the dreams and creative ideas of our clients come true. Furtive services are specialized and crafted for each of our individual clients.

The Agency Network

The Furtive Agency wants to continue expanding our resource and talent network. Learn more about our Agency Network and the benefits available for our network members.

Agents of Change

Furtive Agents are skilled at creative thinking & problem-solving. Whatever our client’s needs are, our agents find solutions. We don’t limit what we’re willing to get done for our clients. One of the prevailing qualities of our agents is the desire to solve hard problems with innovative solutions.

Building for the future…

Although no one can predict the future, Furtive believes we can be prepared for it. The Agency has updated how we interact and approach what we do in the evolving world. We’re doing everything better in 2021.

Every business needs help from time to time, get some today

Professional Consultations, Fast

Marketing, digital media, and business planning form the foundation of Furtive Agency’s knowledge base. We’ve used this knowledge and experience to build relationships in many professions. This allows us to connect with our client’s needs on a personal level. Those connections help our agents get things done for clients in ways that are not always obvious. Reach out today if you have a project that you need completed.

Agency Services

The offerings at the Agency are always evolving. With every additional agent or client, our resource pool grows. Every idea has value and our services are meant to enhance that inherent value. We shape and organize the chaos of a great idea. Some of the services at Furtive are exclusive to the clients we represent. This allows us to provide the high level of attention that we promise to our clients.

Creative Solutions

Solving unexpected issues can be challenging for anyone. Furtive specializes in creative solutions for specific, uncommon problems. More common with entertainers, Furtive agents have public relations experience and media training to effectively navigate non-traditional problems.

If you’re interested in Furtive assistance in your next project, the best way to contact an agent is through our contact page.

Xotica 2
Available Now!

Luther Sault is at once an Agent and Client of the Agency. His latest project, Xotica Part 2 is available now on Amazon, and Barnes & Noble.