Disney has created classic movies for a long time. Along with those movies, the music often became equally iconic, if not more so. Those songs have long been in the hearts of kids around the world. As adults we remember these songs fondly. With friends we can look back on the fun we had watching them and also sing those songs at the top of our lungs. But also as adults, we have strong opinions. Those opinions include what’s the best. It’s an opinion, and everyone has their own. However, the songs we list here are what the Agency considers the BEST songs Disney has to offer.

1) 🐆You’ll be in my heart; 🩷 Because nothing says jungle survival like Phil Collins crooning in the background! Tarzan’s secret weapon? A killer soundtrack

2) 🫧Part Of Your World;🐠Ariel’s big solo about wanting to be where the people are. Newsflash you’re a f@cking mermaid, but good luck with that real estate search.

3) 🌈Colors Of The Wind;🦝 Pocahontas educating us about natures wonder through song, because who needs Science Class when you’ve got animated movies?

4) 🐍I Wanna Be Like You;🦧king Louis’ master class in cultural appropriation, set to an infections beat in doubt, dance it out.

5) 🐉I’ll Make A Man Out Of You;⛩️ Mulan’s workout routine, defeating Huns and hitting the high notes. Because nothing screams warrior training like a musical montage.