Artist Assessment

Many artists and performers find it hard to book themselves. The reality of the world living in states of quarantine has nearly ruined many artists as venues in many states have closed. Some of them have shut their doors forever. From the start, our agents review any client for merits and deficits, then we develop solutions to improve those deficits and enhance those merits. Our artist/performer assessment allows our agents to plan the best course of action on an individual client basis.

Music Entertainment, & Production

Music was an early focus for the Agency. Before our founding, the current CEO was fully emerged in creating records and production. By the age of 23, the constant need to invest in music led him to learning many of the aspects of managing talent. Along with his long time business partners, a successful independent recording label was founded. In 2012, this label was sold and the partners resolved to do other things.

Recording Processes

The Agency is making small steps back into the music industry. At the moment, we have limited booking options for studio sessions. These studios are in the metro Atlanta area and are professionally managed. Those who book have access to a master sound engineer and mixing & mastering services. We usually reserve the recording slots available to us for artists and musicians who are represented by the Agency. Other artists are considered by inquiry and are first come, first serve.

Artist Management

The Agency currently has a few talented performers that are available as opening or headline acts. If you’re interested in becoming a part of our management network, please submit your relevant information for consideration. When we have availability, someone from the Agency will reach out with the opportunity.

Photograph is from the 2022, Annual Alabama Music Awards Show
Photograph is from the 2022, Annual Alabama Music Awards Show

Full Scope Artist Services

Musicians/Artists at some point will need to utilise many of the Agency services to reach their goals. In general, our services have many synergies and when things are effectively linked, the results can be magical.

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Alabama Music Awards Show

Check out one of the Agencies long term clients,  the Alabama Music Awards.

The Hammonds; Life Coaching & Motivational Speaking

The Hammonds have been repeat clients for the Agency and specialise in providing empowerment to their listeners. 


These consultations are handled by Furtive agents who have a solid understanding of web service requirements. On the client and the developer side of things. This experience allows our agents to provide clear guidance to any Furtive client.

Featured Client

ClientAlabama Music Awards Show
Project Brand Development, Multimedia & Web Development Planning
SkillsBrand Development & Marketing, Content Planning & Management