The Agency will go into anything we believe is a good idea. Nothing is too crazy of an idea if we can enhance what we can provide our clients. We believe in the cliche, that a picture is worth a thousand words. However, the modern world could easily say pictures are worth a thousand followers.

Professional Standards

We won't provide a photographer or an agent who hasn't been fully trained.

Our photographers have diverse experience and know-how to find and capture the moments that matter. The Agency is proud to say that our agents are equally as talented as our clients. Again, our availability is limited due to current client demand, however, do not let that deter you from making an inquiry about your photoshoot or any project you need specialized imagery for.

For boudior photograpy, the information you’re looking for may be found on our modeling page.

Photography Services

Many of our clients require specialized photographs for their projects. That need has naturally prompted the Agency to cultivate relationships with photographers and models alike. This allows us to provide many varied photography services and develop innovative approaches to photoshoots in any genre.

Event Photography

Furtive has provided photography services for many events, large and small. We are a flexible company and make considerations for deadlines and special requests. Because of our specialized skillset, we have limited availabilty with our photographers. However, requests are still being considered.