Digital Media & Web Development

The Furtive Agency provides a wide variety of design services for our clients. Many of these are exclusive to members of the Agency Network. These exclusive services include top to bottom small business development/redevelopment, Agency Network Access, ARS Radio Affiliation & Promotional services. There are options for these services that Agency Network membership is not a requirement. Services for non members is not of lower quality but it with a membership, all of our services have added value. For those who are already Network Members, please contact your Furtive Agent for more details. Or with a visit to the Agency contact page.

Services Summary

Our most commonly provided services are within our Digital Media & Web Development departments. These services are especially geared towards new or redeveloping businesses. Large or small, the Agency begins every project with a consult. This is either done via phone or, whenever possible, an in person meeting to discuss the goals and guidelines for the project. The Agency has a variety of services, both in house and through our Agency Network. We believe in the power of change. That belief drives service offerings that are comprehensive, flexible, and easy for our clients.

Logo/Trademark Design

The way that the modern world operates, a stregnth of any brand is it’s recognition. This means logos and/or trademarks are as vital in business as they have ever been. With the rise of social media and shorter attentions for people of every age group, your brand being recognized is critical to its’ success. The Agency has a massive amount of experience developing these kinds of assets for clients of all business types.
Agency Price: $75.00
Out of Network Price: $100.00

Promotional Materials

Promo materials include flyers, brochures, business cards, stationary/letterhead design, and many other kinds of professional printed materials. Promotional materials always have specific requirements. That could mean dimensions and pica count. This along with the amount of items that need to be printed all lend variables that effect the final cost of these items. 
A $75.00 deposit is the most common starting point for these services but the factors mentioned above do come into play. Some projects don’t require more than the initial deposit for completion but be advised that this does not include the cost of having the piece printed. For Agency network members, this initial deposit is $50.00. 



InfectCheck is the single-source engineered solution for the documented implementation of CDC, FDA, and workers’ compensation insurance compliance, testing, as well as comprehensive implementation and tracking of infectious disease avoidance methodologies.

Alabama Music Awards Show

In 2012, the Alabama Music Awards Organization was founded with the sole purpose to give recognition to the vast array of entertainers, musicians, and journalists on a local, regional, and national level.

Brand Development, Luther Sault

Sault, is an adult fiction, romance, and erotica author. He has several projects he maintains for himself and the Agency in his capacity as our Digital Media Director.