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ETMG is a media company once owned and operated by the Agency. We've since consolidated our business model.


InfectCheck is the single-source engineered solution for the documented implementation of CDC, FDA, and workers’ compensation insurance compliance, testing, as well as comprehensive implementation and tracking of infectious disease avoidance methodologies.

The 3Z LLC

IIIZ Inc., is a 501c3 organization founded by Jermaine “Zeus” Garrett. Mr. Garrett started IIIZ Inc., as a way to provide youth and young adults with an opportunity to learn about the entertainment industry.

The Hammonds

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The Hammonds are a recent client of the Agency. We've assisted their business with brand development and marketing materials.

Luther Sault

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Luther Sault is an Atlanta-based author that specializes in adult fiction. Furtive has guided the Sault brand since 2018.

Alabama Music Awards

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In 2012, the Alabama Music Awards Organization was founded with the sole purpose to give recognition to the vast array of entertainers, musicians, and journalists on a local, regional, and national level.