Sketches & Prints; Luther Sault

As part of the creative minds behind the Furtive Agency, Luther Sault holds an integral part of the day to day workings of the Agency. The demands the agency places on Luther keep him constantly busy and in high demand, however, he does not allow those responsibilities to prevent him from following his passion; Art.

Since 2011, Luther Sault has been a working artist in the Metro Atlanta area. He has experience creating pieces for personal enjoyment and for promotional uses. Meaning he’s used to improvising and remaining flexible to the needs of any given project. That flexibility is central to his ability to work with clients in any field.

Luther’s artwork is primarily been in erotic art, mostly sketches that began on paper and were then enhanced through digital means. These pieces have not been named for the most part, but many of them will be soon. Some of those named pieces will be available in via prints and an even fewer originals. Some of these pieces will form the framework for future covers for Sault short stories or other writing projects in a longer form.

Sault, is an author and artist that has been an integral part of the agency. As a co-founder, the resources brought to the Agency through Luther extend into publishing, digital media design, and other forms of traditional art. That includes drawing & sketching. Sault also has experience in the web design and development field. He gained marketing and SEO experience through managing his personal website as well as the sites of his clients.

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