The Hair Plug

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The Hair Plug is a part of the Furtive Network that caters to women who’d like a specialized experience when dealing with their install. It’s a challenge knowing what to do with your hair. You are not alone. Millions of women are challenged with knowing, or finding, the right look for them. The look that fits. The Hair Plug exists to find a solution. 

The Earned Stripes

The Hair Plug has nearly a decade of experience, good style sense, and steady hands. She works magic with each client and delivers results with pride. The Agency is happy to include this black owned business in our network. Especially when we deal with those in the fashion and modeling industry. 

Give Back, Pay It Forward

The Hair Plug wants to help the community in any way possible, but also in a way that benefited from our specialty. From your donations, those who’ve lost their hair due to cancer treatment or other types of disease that could cause hair loss are who benefits. In the array of wigs available, the Hair Plug will donate one of these wigs every week.

Meet the Connect

The Hair Plug is available by phone during general business hours. 8am EST until 6pm EST. Special considerations will are on a case by case basis. To set a consultation or for any general information, please send an email to the address provided below. 

Phone : (270)-363-8923
Email :

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