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Luther Sault

Luther Sault is a Furtive Agency co-founder and fully active agent & creative talent. He balances the responsibilities of being an executive and maintains several agency clients personally.

Luther Sault, Last Minute ShoppingSault, who likes to go by his last name, is also an author and artist that has been an integral part of the agency. As a co-founder, the resources brought to the Agency through Luther extend into publishing, digital media design, and other forms of traditional art. That includes drawing & sketching. Sault also has experience in the web design and development field. He gained marketing and SEO experience through managing his personal website as well as the sites of his clients.

When he’s not writing for his next project, or developing sites for Furtive Agency clients, Luther is usually finding inspiration through experience. Sometimes that could mean going into the field developing material as he experiences it. Other times that inspiration can be found through one of his sketches.

Music Career

Under a different name, (Ruthlessvandross), Sault has had experience in the music business. And we mean the business of record sales and promotion of musicians and performers. That career was, and is divided between being a vocalist, producer, and overall jack of all trades within the music field. Luther has used experience from multimedia design and photography to enhance the way he learned how to promote music. This time in the industry helped mold Luther into the kind of creative talent he is today. And through all of it,

Coming Soon from Luther Sault

The Author, Luther Sault, is expecting 2022 to be a big year. The third installment of the Xotica Series is set to be released and soon after the entire Xotica Collection will become available in a single form. More of the short stories Luther has been developing will also be Furtive Agency exclusives. And, we fully expect to have companion content for his short stories as well.

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