Agency Entertainer, Content Creator

Babi is a perfect example of something that’s short and sweet. She has a very tough exterior but once you’ve proven you have the right vibes, the more submissive sides of her come out. Babi is available for special events, appearances, online 1 on 1 interactions, and content creator.

Babi has been working in the industry for nearly a year. Especially in the areas North of the Atlanta metro area. Babi, one of the more adventurous of the Agency entertainers. Fearless in her approach and the aura of a rock star. An undeniable force in front of the camera and within her normal scheduled activities.

Entertainer Services

Currently, this Agency Entertainer is only available in person for bookings in the Metro Atlanta / North Georgia region. However, the Agency and Babi are continuously developing content available on the subscription platforms the Furtive Agency has made available. You can find all of the agencies entertainers at the following link. (Entertainers)

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Booking Information

Booking for Nova is done through the Furtive Agency booking process. Our models offer a variety of entertainment options, and no two models offer the exact same thing. Take the time to read through the services offered before proceeding to the booking process. 

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