NYE shenanigans halted by COVID-19

So here we are at the end of 2020.  One of the more annoying situations of this year, for me, is not being able to go to a concert or do anything for New Year’s Eve for that matter.  I thrive on live music.  For me, some concerts are like going to church.  They are legitimate spiritual experiences and places for me.  According to mythology, astrology, and current events; I’ve had the perfect mix of adventure and boujie experiences in my life for NYE.  It started in 1990, in Malaga, Spain with one picture that says it all!  But… Honestly, I don’t even remember any new years eve celebrations until 1999.  

I’m not sure what it was about 1999.  It could have been the mysterious internet Y2K theory, the fact that I was 13 and a social butterfly, or the fact that we had just moved and my parents refused to drive me 3 exits down the highway to spend the night with my friends; either way, I was s.o.l.  I wasn’t allowed to do anything that NYE.  Being the creative person that I am, when I was told, “New Year’s Eve is an adult holiday”, I immediately came up with a plan!  My 13-year-old self vowed to always have the most baller, over the top new years eve adventures whenever I was able to.  

Fast forward to 2008, my first new year’s eve celebration after graduation!  I was so excited to finally be in Atlanta and able to celebrate!  I went to the Lil Wayne concert to ring in 2009.  Thus began my love affair with the thrill of ringing in the new year with a huge crowd of like-minded people.  If I already had an obsession with concerts and festivals, the ultimate way to ring in the new year was obviously any form of live music.  It could be casinos & concerts in Reno, snowboarding in Tahoe, warehouse parties in San Francisco, seeing three nights of one of my favorite bands in the best venue in Atlanta, to traveling halfway across the world.  I’ve always tried my best to make New Year’s Eve fantastical and keep the promise to my 13-year-old self!  

My love for live music is palpable when you know who I am.  I might even have permanent hearing loss because I was always in the front row directly in front of the left speaker.  It was where me and my friends always met.  I hope that one day I can enjoy the feeling of the crowd, the vibes, the energy & musical creations from the artists.  I think we all miss living our best lives with our friends.  This year, to put it bluntly, NYE is going to suck.  There are absolutely no options that I feel comfortable with.  I could be a person who is just going to go to a crowded public event, it’s tempting for sure.  But I miss being in a crowd so much that I’m willing to be bored and not do anything for now.  I can only wish, hope, and pray that everyone wears a mask and that people stop having huge parties, gatherings, events, and celebrations.  

Doing the same thing over and over expecting different results is the definition of insanity.  If no one cares then no one cares and nothing changes.  Concerts, festivals, sporting events, and celebrations could be a thing of the past.   When will the next concert even be able to happen?  Like I said in the beginning of this article, live music to me is like going to church.  Being able to see and hear human beings make music is a gift that I never knew I was in danger of losing.  My Christmas wish and my New Year’s resolution is that everyone wears masks and to help supply people with them.  It’s the fastest way I’ll be able to go to church again.  

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