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Xotica Volume 1. Remastered

Xotica; Remastered – The remastered Xotica Short Stories is Luther Sault improving upon some previous work with a few story revisions and, a few additional pieces. Luther Sault is self-published and creates everything you see from the Sault brand. This project is available on Apple Books, Amazon, and other E-Reader/E-Book platforms. 

The Xotica Series

Erotica is a widely read genre, even if it’s not talked about very often. Stories with erotic themes can serve many purposes. The least of which is an obsession with sex. I view the Xotica project as a pathway towards a personal understanding of personal sexuality. The series offers a path for exploring the deepest, most secretive desires in a safe way.

Coming Soon

Xotica 3 is the third installment of the Xotica series. A collection of erotic stories and other adult themes. Exclusive content is available on the Wattpad platform. Click here for more free erotica & adult fiction.

Xotica Volume 1. Remastered Corretced Cover
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