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First Rites, Erotic Fiction

Who has First Rites?

For my purposes, the concept of First Rites has a modern twist. In our age of women’s empowerment, I’ve envisioned a woman who has taken her sexuality into her own hands. She is focused on her own desires and is willing to do what it takes to find fulfillment. Even if her methods could end up with people she cares about being hurt, she values her own happiness more. Our character feels that she can do whatever she needs to in the effort to be happy. Anyone and everyone else could go to hell.

First Rites, Erotic Fiction | Book ExampleThe Story Summary

First Rites is a piece of erotic fiction that comes just before my latest project release, Xotica 3. This story is based on the medieval practice of Droit du Seigneur. This practice is still highly controversial and, very debated concerning whether or not it existed at all. The next installment to the Xotica series will include more erotic stories from my most recent adventures in the South East. More of my adult fiction and erotica can be found here. If you have the time, take a moment to share your favorite piece to your timeline.

Adult Fiction & Other Projects

I’m excited about the direction my adventure into authorship is going. More of my work is coming to the website soon and, I will be adding some of my mixed media/sketch work for your viewing pleasure as well. I may be including a section for downloadable content as well. Things that I can’t provide on other platforms for one reason or another. There are plans for developing a visual edition of some of the erotic stories in my Xotica series. First Rites is also available on Wattpad.

First Rites, Erotic Fiction
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