Short Stories from Sault

Last Minute Shopping

This COVID-19 pandemic has effected so many things. Especially things that we’ve taken for granted for so long. So much chaos and uncertainty have been going on in the world, it’s hard for anyone to know what the next steps are. Now as we get closer to the holidays people want to do more than ever to keep traditions alive. At the very least, give their kids the best memories possible.

Grown folks need some fun too. And as happy as we were working from home; the experience got old quickly.

Luther Sault writes about many things, but he’s mostly interested in the erotica genre. You can find more of his stories on his official website.

Story Summary

Last Minute Shopping is an experience that we all can relate to. Whether it’s for the latest Call of Duty or finally upgrading the wife’s sedan. Whatever it is, we can wait too long sometimes. The store we expected to have that one item, doesn’t. Or someone manages to get to the shelf just as you get to the right aisle. The experience can be extremely frustrating. Sometimes, you might consider going the extra mile to get what you came for.

Kelly was determined to get her kid the perfect gift. It was a win she needed. So when Joseph walked right past her with it in hand, Kelly was willing to do whatever it took to get it from him.


Luther Sault, Last Minute Shopping
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