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One of the Agency’s functions is matching models & entertainers to events, bookings, and other opportunities in the entertainment industry. In order to ensure the clients match well to our models & entertainers, the Agency learns as much as possible about the models we represent. That learning process begins with our registration form. Please complete the form in its entirety in order for us to begin our match process and develop your Agency profile.

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Beauty is formless; and can be formed of anything.

The Entertainment Business; Maintaining Quality of Life

Models in the Agency have more power and flexibility than going at it alone. And, our business model doesn’t include ways to steal money from our clients. We’re much more invested in the success and prosperity of the models represented by the Agency. We don’t judge our success by the numbers, rather the quality of life we help our models & entertainers achieve.

(NSFW) The Industry

The Game is the Game. If you didn’t know, you should find out before you get your feet wet. But, if you know you have the desire to perform in the Adult Entertainment space, the Agency will represent you. And of course there’s more. The Agency has several internal resources that provide clear answers to the hard questions. Most importantly, we give our entertainers the truth. At all times. And the Agency does not compromise. 

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