Do you remember your first time?

There are certain moments in life that we all remember and cherish because they shaped us.  Your first time driving by yourself, that amazing play you made on the court or field, your first kiss, and losing your virginity.  These are benchmark moments in teen life!  While I do remember all of these moments with nothing but the best feelings, the one that surpasses even losing my virginity just might be smoking the devil’s lettuce for the first time.  It was a true moment in time.

I remember so many details of that entire day.  And considering how much of a stoner I am, remembering that much truly means it impacted me.  It was the beginning of my sophomore year, August of September 2001.  A select few of my friends had turned 16 and had their license and a car, so naturally, a group of us planned to skip school one hot muggy Georgia day.  We drove around, got food, smoked cigs, and laughed.  Then, someone said, “ITS BONG TIME!”  Mind you, we were driving around.  My 15-year-old self had never been so incredibly nervous and so incredibly excited at the same damn time.  

Everyone seemed to know exactly what to do.  My friends weren’t assholes and did not make fun of me because I had never smoked weed before, I legit had no idea how to work this contraption they were calling at bong.  One of my friends, I’ll call her A, was so excited to show me.  So, it was finally my turn.  I put my mouth on the bong and they did the lighting of the bowl and told me exactly what to do.  Do you know that myth that you don’t get high your first time smoking?  I CALL BULLSHIT because ya girl was high!  I was high school high, giggle-mania, laughing at my hand’s type shit!  And it was at that moment I knew that I was gonna be a ganja loving gal for the rest of my life.  The way in which I thought and the scope of how I thought was expanding as much as my lungs were.  I’m not sure if one singular moment has shaped me more than that.

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