Differences between One Page sites and EPKs

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Differences between One Page sites and EPKs

One Page Websites

What a one-page website means is self-explanatory. However, the differences between one-page websites and EPKs can be hard to distinguish. Those differences can be hard to see at first look. The major difference is essentially in its purpose. One page websites are still fully functioning and thought out projects. They are built with expansion in mind. Usually with the full knowledge of what will be added and when. One page sites are often used at the beginning stages of a single product or service business.


(EPK) Is an acronym for Electronic Press Kits. Press kits were traditionally used for entertainers or musicians to present to labels or radio stations. Either to obtain label representation or break into a new radio market. EPKs are an evolution of the traditional press kit. Replacing marketing material is expensive, especially in the time before mass integration into the digital world that we have today. Our founder was present during the beginning stages of EPK development and 17 years later, the EPK is almost a standard for entertainment in many forms.

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