Web Development

Any client seeking our web services must go through our project project consult process. This allows us to effectively and fairly assess you project and provide an estimate in line with fair industry practices.

Web Development Done Fairly

The Agency considers many variables when we provide our project consults, and soon after, a project estimate. We pride ourselves in providing great service, at an affordable price point. Especially for new business owners. We want to maintain lasting business relationships with our clients. We do this by remaining fair with all of our clients. We provide our estimates with clear visualizations of where their dollars are going.


Our Web Services have starting price points in the same way as our Digital/Print media services. The major differences being that most web projects require a minimum of 48 development hours. Development hours; is the amount of time required to develop a project. Websites can generally be expected to be anywhere between $150 – $250 to start. Many factors have to be considered when providing and estimate for websites. Because of that, we require all of our clients submit a consult application so that we know as much as possible before any price estimate is provided.

Premium Services from Furtive

Web Development

Our web design service is the primary avenue for the agency to deliver content and develop relationships with our clients. Through our web development team, each project is handled with details and the client needs in mind. Led by the talented, DesignsByIvan, our senior web developer and Agency co-founder. Our websites are built to improve the business of our clients, starting with content. For some of these clients, content has to be refined or developed to fit the needs of a website of any size.

Domain Names

Domain names can cost as little as $2.99, and as much as $30,000. It depends on whether someone already owns the domain, or how much value it intrinsically has.

Website Hosting

$100 covers the hosting costs of your website for a year. The process is unavoidable. Even through the easy site builders or WYSIWYG platforms such as WIX, you will still have to have a domain and hosting account tied to your website. An Agency project consultation will take place before any funds are committed, allowing the client and the Agency to make decisions based on the best information available. 

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