Digital Media Design

Furtive Agents are skilled at creative thinking & problem-solving. Whatever our client’s needs are, our agents find solutions. We don’t limit what we’re willing to get done for our clients. One of the prevailing qualities of our agents is the desire to solve hard problems with innovative solutions. Click the button below to get your next project started.

Branding Development

We’ve used this knowledge and experience to build relationships in many professions; forming connections, allowing our agents get things done for clients in ways that are not always obvious.

The Furtive Art Gallery

The Furtive Agency loves art. In all of its forms. We want to be involved in the fine arts in a big way. More information will be coming soon!

Knowledge Resources

Information is where value resides in the “Information Age”; and the Agency collects information about trends, emerging technologies, and more. All in an effort to better represent and manage our clients.

The Devil is in the Details

The digital media products & services offered have many standard features. However, any product we create for you will be tailored to your business needs, but also look great. So much of design and art is subjective. True understanding of the goals is the only way to mesh the client ideas and what the creative process ultimately becomes. The Agency understands this and makes every effort to cultivate this kind of connection between our clients and Agency Creatives.

Product List

Promotional/Informational Flyers, Print Medium Promotional Materials, Brochures, Custom Social Media graphics, Press Kits, CD Inserts, Album Artwork, Art Commissions, Video Asset Materials, Digital Assets, and much more. The Agency has experience assessing issues and developing creative solutions to all manner of projects. The Agency maintains the client files for up to five years, and we reserve the ability to recover projects in that same amount of time frame.


Cost of many print materials have standardized. The majority of them beginning at $75. The larger the project is, our man hours rise and thus the cost of service. But we believe in fair practices. When a client puts their faith in the Agency, we take that responsibility seriously. Fair business practices are a key focus of the Agency and an effort we make with each of our clients. We check, and double check.


For our clients who are either visiting, or who live in the metro Atlanta area, there are some print items available for delivery. We only deliver in the Atlanta area, and can promise 2 day turn around for those who live in North Fulton, North Dekalb, and Gwinnett County. Because the Agency is completely ran by human beings, some times we get extremely busy. If your project cannot be printed and out for delivery, your Agent will inform you at that point in time.

For those who have projects that cannot be printed within a common time frame, the Agency makes sure that we still complete our end with efficiency. Your Agent will be who connects/provides you with specific information related to your print project, including the final project instructions. In the most extreme cases, and for general printing information, Everise Printing is a good place to start.

Frequent Agency Services

Our most commonly provided services are within our Digital Media & Web Development departments. These services are especially geared towards new or redeveloping businesses. Large or small, the Agency begins every project with a consult. This is either done via phone or, whenever possible, an in person meeting to discuss the goals and guidelines for the project.

Creative Solutions

Every business needs help from time to time. And like the same way that Football is a game of inches, success has to be balanced with the same mentality. If you’re interested in Furtive assistance in your next project, the best way to contact an agent is through our contact page.

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