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Completing the consultation process streamlines the development of your project; and, allows the Agency to provide quality service & solutions to all of our clients.

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If you’re not ready to get your project started, you may need more specific information before you take the plunge. Click the button below to connect with a Furtive Agent. We believe in the human touch in business so you will be speaking with a real person. Trained to listen to your issues and game plan solutions, or a path to those solutions. 

A Network of Actual People

The Furtive Agency is focused on creating and developing opportunities for our clients and the talented people we represent. We do this with the creative minds of our Agents and thinking outside the box. The Agency has operated by several names in the past. But in 2020, we stepped away from the stagnant music industry and ventured into all forms of entertainment.

Creative Solutions

If you’re interested in Furtive assistance in your next project, the best way to contact an agent is through our contact page. Every business needs help from time to time, get your project moving today with an Agency Project Consult.

If you’re ready to begin your next project, complete the project consult application below. 

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