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Not knowing where to get your project started is nothing to be ashamed of. It’s an issue many novice and experienced business owners deal with on occasion. This is the reason consults exist. And the Furtive Agency offers all of our clients consults on their projects. 

Furtive Agency Network
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A Network of Actual People

The Furtive Agency is focused on creating and developing opportunities for our clients and the talented people we represent. We do this with the creative minds of our Agents and thinking outside the box. Those out the box ideas brought us to what we like to call the Agency Network. Every client has value, and not just to the Agency. Our network allows us to bring that value from one client to another. And due to our wide variety of clientele, we have unique opportunities for creative business partnerships.

Keeping the Humanity in Business

As our technology continues to improve, and evolve, we are becoming less focused on human contact. The teller is being replaced by self checkouts and automated belts. Even delivery drivers won’t have the same level of job security in the relatively near future. Mankind might even set our feet on another planet. And in our lifetime! The Agency doesn’t believe in machines doing everything under the sun for us. We believe in the one on one conversations between people striving for a goal. Most importantly, we believe in balance. Technology is a wonderful tool for humanity. But it should remain a tool and not become the primary driving force in the world.

Direct Client Connections

You could be ready to start your project! If so, congratulations. Your next step is our Agency Consultancy Application. This is going to be how we figure out the best way to assist your business. This consult application is critical to the success of any business. Once we’ve assessed the project, all that’s left is development (the nuts & bolts) of the product and onto shipping. So forth and so on. The Agency also has profiles on many social sites, you can find them all here.

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Connecting with the Agency

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask anything. There are no dumb questions. Any questions related to the Furtive Agency should be asked through the form on this page. An Agency representative will respond to your inquiry within a business day. The Agency works 24/7, however, our office tries to keep your time in mind. We have late nights, and early mornings in our effort to deliver quality services.

If you have a concern that’s more urgent than our form allows, please submit an email to And a senior agent will receive your message. In most cases, a response can be expected within 2-4 hours.

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