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The no fear, no bulls**t, work hard & play hard Agency.

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What is the Furtive Agency

An amalgam can be simply defined as a mixture of chemicals that form together into something unique. The Agency works by those same principles. We are a mix of talent and ideas, blending into an organisation that uplifts our Agency family and our clients. That makes the Agency unique. We believe in the personal touch when we do business.

Opportunity Knocking

Every opportunity is important to the Agency. We’ve put in countless hours and invested many of our resources in developing and maintaining our business relationships. That’s why your project will always be handled with care, thoughtfulness, and foresight.

Communication is the essential ingredient for success in every project. The Agency relies on our consultations to make sure we’ve heard your requirements and that our communication is clear.

Consultations with the Agency

Our consulting work is usually done organically whenever one of our agents has conversations with potential clients. Our consults are generally included with every project we begin. More detailed and comprehensive consults are available for specific projects and situations.

If you’re interested in starting a project with the Agency, click here to complete a consult form. If you have questions about our consultation process, contact us via email at consultation@furtive.agency and we will reply within a business day.

The Agency Network

The Furtive Agency has and is a network of creative resources for people and businesses of all kinds. Including, entertainers, traditional artists, musicians, authors & writers, and many, many more. Our experience has allowed the Agency to be confident in our ability to enhance any project. We understand that a team is needed for all of us to succeed. We want to become an integral part of your team.  

Furtive Favorites

Tunes that make the Agencies Spotify playlist. This includes music from all over the world with a heavy leaning towards the Atlanta Hip Hop, West Coast Underground Artists, and Afro-Pop.


The Agency is still making updates to our complete site. We’re scheduled for a completion date of March, 7th 2024; and a soft launch sometime towards the end of March. However, we’re still taking new clients and moving forward with new business opportunities. Don’t hesitate to ask questions. We welcome you to reach out with your needs & we look forward to meeting with you.

Contacting the Furtive Agency

Your questions & concerns are as important to the Agency as any of our current clients. If you have any questions, complete the form on our contact page and an Agent will be in contact with you as soon as possible. Usually within a business day.

Pricing for Agency offerings can be found here. Please note that pricing is subject to changes based on many variables. 

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