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The Hair Plug

Wig Restoring / Wig Installs

The Hair Plug is a part of the Furtive Network that caters to women who’d like a specialized experience when dealing with their install.

Jewelz The Star

Furtive Model & Entertainer

Stars are certainly born, and Jewelz is no exception. A natural performer, it would be a mistake to believe that initial innocence. You could be easily cut by her cunning, if you’re not careful.

Cherise Jewelz

Furtive Model & Adult Entertainer

Cherise Jewelz is a very sweet, very open girl who loves to provide exceptional service. In fact, Cherise loves to serve.

Luther Sault

Author, Agent, Creative, & Co-Founder

Luther Sault is a Furtive Agency co-founder and fully active agent. He balances the responsibilities of being an executive and maintains several agency clients personally.


Furtive Model & Adult Entertainer

Babi is a perfect example of something that’s short and sweet. She has a very tough exterior but once you’ve proven you have the right vibes, the more submissive sides of her come out.

We cultivate all of the talent that comes seeking our help. And, there are no stupid questions. Nor is any mind seeking answers foolish. Within our roster we have models, musicians, singers, comedians, adult entertainers, dancers, traditional artists & creatives; and many more. We are proud of the diversity of business the Furtive Agency is able to serve.

Content & The Creators

Content is definitely king and that’s not changing anytime soon. A large part of our role will be assessing the content you already have, then improving and adding to it. Those editions will be determined by several factors. For print and digital media, this usually means verifying visual elements and/or the accuracy of text. For web development, additions could mean development of SEO related keywords and meta data. And just as each of us is a completely unique individual, every business has specific needs and requirements. It’s our job to learn those requirements, then act upon those requirements, working towards a successful outcome.

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