Erotic Anthology Series

Xotica, Part 2

Xotica 2, is a celebration of the right to explore sexual desire and the human condition. It doesn’t shy away from the taboo or the strange. The Xotica series is an effort to allow readers to experience the strange fetishes and fantasies that they may be impossible in their personal lives. That experience can be cathartic even if only experienced through the written word. Luther has spent a large amount of my time developing the Xotica series, and has plans for the project to extend for several volumes in the future.

The Xotica Series

Erotica is a widely read genre, even if it’s not talked about very often. Stories with erotic themes can serve many purposes. The least of which is an obsession with sex. Sault views the Xotica project as a pathway towards personal understanding about personal sexuality. The series offers a path for exploring the deepest, most secretive desires in a safe way.

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